We’re not geeks. We’re business consultants who use technology to help you control costs, see and seize opportunities, and help you be more profitable.
We bring years of field knowledge to bear on each of the services provided below.

Custom Databases
This is our specialty. Databases are information processing engines. When they’re built right, they enhance all your business processes and build your bottom line.

Consider this example: what if you wanted to send a targeted letter or email to a subset of your clients with almost no effort? Do you even know who and what subsets of clients you have? Our databases allow you to answer these and other questions.

When you’re in command of your information, you’re in command of your future. Find out how we helped our clients.

Training and Staffing
Let us help you with training and staffing if:
• You already have a database which you partially (or mostly) understand and need just a little technical assistance
• You need general database orientation or focused training on specific applications of a database
• You’re temporarily short-handed for technical staff. We offer affordable rates for project-oriented work.

Business Procedures Review
Before we build a database, we review your business processes and dovetail your databases with your existing processes for a hand-in-glove fit. Your custom software is designed just for your goals. Just like we've done for other clients.

Information Analysis and Data Mining
• Golden Consulting Services’ total analysis and report on your existing data will improve your strategic planning. This gives us a starting point for the collection of new information as your next project unfolds.
• If you’ve ever ordered a book from, you may have noticed their website promptly predicts what other books you might enjoy based on other consumers’ purchases. This is one example of data mining where it barely scratches the surface. We can show you how to better use all the information that’s already at your fingertips, waiting to be indexed with your next big opportunity.

Networking, Configuration and Integration

Your network is your data’s home. We build that home so you and your staff can share information and work securely together, even if you’re not all in the same building (or same country). We make it all work with configuration and integration by playing nice with your existing hardware and its support staff. We can even be that support staff.

Find out how we turn good technology into good business.
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