Meet the Golden Consulting Services team.

Stephen Brown is a licensed Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of experience with complex business and technical systems.  His areas of expertise include real-time control systems, database engineering, process optimization, energy systems, transportation systems, regulatory compliance, business and organizational analysis and optimization.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is an active member of numerous technical and honorary societies and business organizations.

Alan Mencin is a Professional Engineer with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA form the University of Denver.  He is the President of ACM, Inc, a consulting firm.  He has 25 years of experience in information technology and information systems, corporate management, engineering, finance, economics, technical sales, and marketing. He has worked and consulted nationally and internationally.

Deb Dryke is a degreed professional with 25 years of experience with a variety of software environments ranging from mainframes, minicomputers, Apple/Macs and IBM-compatible PCs. She has specialized recently in software for non-profit organizations.

Krishna Vasudevan — "Devan" to his clients and co-workers — is a software professional with 30+ years of experience in database software spanning a variety of platforms and operating environments, developing custom-developed database information management systems ranging from the very small to Arizona Public Service’s nuclear power plants.

His projects have ranged from nuclear plant maintenance, geophysical information systems, mapping applications (in a secure and classified environment), to smaller efforts like membership management, client tracking and patient profile systems. His employer/client list includes: Kraft Foods, IBM, Martin Marietta (now Lockheed), State of Colorado, Plate Boundary Observatory, and National Employment Law Institute.